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Brooke's Family Lifestyle Session at Home - Sacramento, CA

Home is where the heart is! The photographs that take up residence in my heart are the ones that show a person, or family, in their moment. Especially with the little ones, because they can just BE so easily! And they grow so darn fast! There really is no better place to catch these fun and intimate moments that than in someone's home. It is a real pleasure when you are able to catch those moments for your friends and family.

I was pregnant when we moved here to Sacramento, and shortly after we settled in I launched a search for a birth support person. I was blessed to find Brooke, who is not only an amazing Doula, but has also become a very dear friend. I am super lucky to have her family in my "village"! These are from the session we had at their home when June was a few months old. I cannot get enough of those gorgeous cheeks, and her beautiful eyeballs!!!

I especially love the daddy snuggles!



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