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I'm so glad that you're here! I am truly blessed to love what I do. This job allows me to meet new people and make images that preserve their memories. (And it lets me fix people's clothing tags without being totally creepy!)

I'm a photographer currently located in Clarksburg, Maryland specializing in family portraiture and, quite frankly, I cannot imagine a better job on this planet! I love helping families navigate different chapters in their lives. Clients come to me for portraits, but they usually leave as friends!


Every family is unique, and professional portraits capture your wonderful family's personality and celebrate the legacy you are creating. Seeing your images displayed in your home every day will lighten your step and bring joy to your heart. When professional imagery is printed and designed with your home and its decor in mind, it is truly your art. The investment is worth it and as your little ones grow, change and discover themselves before your eyes, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Remembering the sparkle in your children's eyes, that laughing grin, and all those moments which slip away all too soon into life’s next great adventure!

I love a good science fiction fantasy series, hot coffee, deep red wine and lately I'm a huge fan of rhubarb. I began my photographic journey in high school as a staff photographer for the yearbook and continued through college. When my daughter was born, I found that I simply couldn't put the camera away. There were too many new moments or smiles and the photos I have of her first few days are among the most precious. Our babies will never again be as small as when they are brand new. They will never again fit in your hands or curl as adorably in their little bed. And, if we're being honest, this could be the last time you have photos taken with just your new little family for a few years. Don't miss it!

I have an easy-going personality, so your sessions with me will be relaxed and low-key. I absolutely love documentary and lifestyle photography, so each session with me will result in a mix of posed and candid images. I take the time behind the scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly on the day of your session. And when things inevitably go awry? We roll with it! The best photographs are ones that show genuine emotion and there is nothing better than a child who lets their true personality come through, allowing me to capture images that are truly YOUR child. No matter what happens during your session, I can guarantee that you'll have a blast and we'll make images that you'll love!

Ready to plan the best photo session you've ever had? Schedule a call with me and let's chat! 

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