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There is nothing like that unique glow of a mama-to-be as she is expecting and bringing a new life into the world. Laboring mamas are so focused on within, that the images I capture help to tell the story that you couldn't see. It is such a magical time, and I would be honored to capture memories of your birth for you.


For birth clients, I am on call starting 2 weeks before your estimated due date. I will arrive at your preferred birth location, usually when you are measured at about 7cm, and I will go wherever I am allowed per your preferred birthing locations' rules. Be mindful that it will be up to you to notify your care providers that you wish for me to be present during your birth.

daddy holding newborn

"I was worried that I would feel awkward with a photographer in the room and that Regrin would bother me during my labor. But that did not happen at all! Regrin was like a fly on the wall and even helped me when I needed words of encouragement. I loved how personable Regrin was and how easy it was to communicate with her. She also stayed later and took the time to photograph my family meeting our new baby, and that meant the world to me!"

- Sierra, Birth Session

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