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Tashina's Family Session in William Land Park - Sacramento, CA

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

It is so true about how good things happen when you open yourself to the possibilities! I know that when we first got to California, and unpacked the last boxes from our move, it was tough to look around and miss all our friends and family. Especially being pregnant with our first lovely baby. So when I met Tashina, I got that feeling like a big warm hug that you get when you go into a place that you've known all your life. I was going to my first CCDC meeting, and I had been told to just go on in. Yikes! But I walked in and Tashina made me feel so welcome and has since been a wonderful friend! 

When I asked for help in building up my portfolio, Tashina was one of the first to jump in and our time at William Land Park cemented for me how much I love working with children! I know Tashina was a bit frazzled (doesn't look it, she's stunning!) because her youngest was not terribly excited about our session. As is normal for smaller kiddos, he did eventually warm up and his charming personality is every bit a match for his older brother's exuberance! These two boys were just so much fun and I can only hope that I can keep it together like Tashina does if there's ever two or more kiddos in my house!



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