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Jasmiene's Family Session at the Sunday Farmer's Market - Sacramento, CA

Fun at the Farmers Market! I must (ashamedly) admit that I rarely go to farmer's markets. I love the idea of fresh and local produce, but I am usually worried that I'll buy some of EVERYTHING and then have things that go to waste. Plus, I live less than a block from a chain grocery store so.... convenience definitely takes the day. So I was excited when Jasmiene suggested we try a lifestyle session at the Sunday farmer's market under one of the freeway passes here in Sacramento. Get to go to a real live farmers market - check! Hang out with this super cute little family - check! Potentially rainy weather - NO problem! And it was SO much fun!!! Their little lady is such a charmer ;) I just love how these turned out, and I kinda can't wait to go back!



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